Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bruffy, Madison D.

Madison Bruffy has been making comics and larger graphic novels using the popular 3D modeling software Poser for over three years now. His body of work is mostly in the Star Trek genre although he has also self published a novel.

Follow Madison's graphic fiction on the USS Tamarlane forums or on his deviantArt pages

Nova Trek

NovaTrek-01-2 01-02 : Omnibus Edition; Gains and Losses & Guardians Child

NovaTrek-03 03: Assignment Yesterday

NovaTrek-04 04: Another Step Toward War

NovaTrek-05 05: A Tale Of Two Captains Pt 1

NovaTrek-06 06: A Tale Of Two Captains Pt 2

NovaTrek-07 07: A Tale Of Two Captains Pt 3